Meet Jenny


Born and raised in Dallas, Texas, Jenny began her dance journey when she took her first jazz class in 2008. Discovering her passion for dance, Jenny continued dancing thru high school where she focused on modern and contemporary. After moving to Austin in 2013 to go to school at the University of Texas, Jenny began partner dancing in one of the student clubs, Texas Ballroom. It was here that she began her competitive career in the collegiate circuit focusing on international standard and latin and american smooth. Jenny entered the competitive country dance scene in 2014, competing in pro-am and couples and then adding on line dance in 2018. Starting in May of 2019, Jenny entered a new stage of her dance journey, becoming an instructor at Austin Uptown Dance. Currently, Jenny is competing in the country circuit as an advanced line dancer and in advanced pro-am with her instructor Jake Greene.

The most impactful moment in her dance career : “When I didn't win my first UCWDC Worlds competition. It taught me that there will always be someone out there that works harder than me to be their best. My goal after that changed from winning and being the best at the competition to having fun and feeling like I did my personal best.” 

When Jenny isn’t dancing she crafts dance accessories and loves to be at the pool or the beach.

Teaches : Ballroom, Country, Swing, Latin

Private Lesson Tier : Classic



2015 ACDA National Champion in Newcomer Pro-Am 

2016 ACDA National Champion in Novice Pro-Am

2017 ACDA National Champion in Intermediate Pro-Am 

2018 ACDA National Champion in Advanced Pro-Am 

2019 UCWDC World Champion in Advanced Pro-Am