Meet Rowdy


Rowdy has been dancing, teaching, judging, and coaching for over 30 years. He is fluent in all dance styles but specializes in Country and Swing. Rowdy travels all over the world teaching, coaching, and judging dance competitions. He has won over 20 Professional Dance Championships and placed as high as 2nd at the Country Dance World Championships. He has danced in the highest professional division of Country dancing, Masters, and is also a former America’s Classic Professional Champion. Rowdy loves teaching new students and seeing them get excited when they realize how much they are progressing in their dancing and how fun it really is!

Teaches : Ballroom, Country, Swing, Latin

Private Lesson Tier : Master



A former America’s Classic Professional Champion

Competed at the UCWDC Masters professional level


Words from our students:

“Dancing with Rowdy is like living a dream - he makes you feel like you can float and fly, invisibly putting you where you need to be and fixing things even if you insist on going somewhere else. Then, when you are ready to learn to dance properly, he can guide you through the infinitely many next levels, figuring out what you are doing wrong and how to fix it, and choreographing to highlight your strengths and hide weaknesses. And if you are a leader, he can show you how to make your followers feel like you, too, are a magician.”

- Elaine Kant