Wedding Dance

Make it Magical!

Wedding Dance Lessons

It's your dance, have it your way!

Our wedding dance specialists can create a dance that is specific to your vision of your special day!  Whether you want it simply fun or absolutely fabulous, we are ready to get you started on the magical journey of your wedding dance! 

Wedding Express


Waited till the last minute?You can learn the basics to your song.
  • Three 40-Minute Lessons!
  • Instructor of Your Choice!
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It's Magic


Go beyond the basics. We create basic moves to match your music:
  • Six 40-Minute Lessons!
  • Instructor of Your Choice!
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Uptown Dazzler


We'll teach you an easy-to-learn choreographed dance to your special song(s):
  • Ten 40-Minute Lessons! ($60 ea)
  • Instructor of Your Choice!
  • Tailored Moves!
  • Choreographed Dance!
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Our Most Popular
Wedding Package:
  • Fifteen 40-Minute  Lessons! ($55 ea)
  • Instructor of Your Choice!!
  • Fully Choreographed Dance – Your Way!
  • Make it Magical!
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Honor Dances
Father Of The Bride - Mother Of The Groom - Special Family Members
A wedding is a family affair!
This tradition pays appropriate respect to the parents/special family members of the wedding couple and acknowledges the special and evolving relationship between them.
Make your honor dances something special. Bring your family members and let us help take the pressure out of this special moment with them.
Only $60 per lesson when purchased to compliment one of our wedding packages.

Wedding Songs
Our staff can help you choose a song and a dance style that best suits your personalities and music preferences!
\We can provide you with a list of wedding songs to choose from for your first dance, or any of your honor dances.
Have a special song that is meaningful to you? No problem! Bring it in with you and let us get you started.
Music Editing
Is your special song too long or too fast?
We can edit your music, leave all your favorite parts, make it the perfect length and tempo for your dance(s).
$50 per edited song.

Want to add a unique twist to your reception or add some sparkle to your rehearsal dinner?
We can come to you or you can bring your group to us!
Contact the studio for more information.

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