Want to perform in a friendly and welcoming setting?

Perform At Austin Uptown Dance

Austin Uptown Dance is your dance performance and competition connection!

Whether you’re new to dancing, a seasoned pro, or an amateur, we have the right dance opportunities for you. Upcoming Performances on August 26th, & December 22nd of 2017!

Center Stage Performances

Center Stage Performance At Austin Uptown Dance

Perform with one of our Instructors or with a partner of your choosing. If you prefer to be the center of attention (like dancing with the Stars), then this option is for you! We will put together a performance that will make you shine!

Center Stage performances are tailored to fit each individual’s dancing goals.

Dancing with a professional takes the guess -work out of your performance. You never have to wait for your partner to learn the routine, the focus is completely about you!

Here’s how to do it:

  1. Choose the Uptown Dance professional or partner of your choice;
  2. Select the dance style(s) you want to focus on;
  3. Select a song that inspires you;
  4. We provide the choreography and instruction to take your dancing beyond your imagination;
  5. Private lessons focus solely on you to develop a more professional technique, control and styling that will make you a Center Stage Superstar!

Don’t procrastinate. You only live once! Call today and let us design a dance program that will make your dancing dreams come to life!

Sign Up Now For Our Uptown Performance Teams

West Coast Swing, Foxtrot/Tango, and Ladies Styling Teams now recruiting for our August 2017 Show!

Performance Teams

Performance Teams At Austin Uptown Dance

Performance Teams At Austin Uptown Dance

Teams are a fantastic and budget-friendly way
to participate in our performance
in August 26th, 2017!

Make new friends with the same interests, find new dance partners, learn awesome choreography
and professional styling to challenge
your current dance level!

Find the instructor to sign up
for the team of your choice!

Registration Deadline: Saturday, June 11th

West Coast Swing Team

Coached by Kristy Watson

Step Up Your Swing With Style!

Learn the latest & greatest  Swing patterns. Have fun hitting the breaks and adding lots of styling to your dancing!

Ladies Styling Team

Ladies Styling Team

Ladies Styling Team

Coached by Kristy Watson

Bring out your sassy side!

Learn a fun and alluring ladies routine that will turn heads and display your dancing passion & improve confidence!

Foxtrot/Tango Team

Foxtrot/Tango Team

Coached by Amanda Vorpahl & Bart Hudson

Glide across the floor with grace and elegance!

Learn a fun and energetic routine that will make you the envy of the ballroom dance floor!

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