Meet Felipa


Felipa had a very early beginning with dancing having started with ballet and jazz at the age of 2. She began Ballroom dancing so as to become a part of a dance community. From Ballroom to Country, Social Dancing to Swing, and even line dance, Felipa dances many styles. Not only does she have a long list of dances, but she also has an extensive list of instruments she plays : piano, cello, violin, ukulele, marimba, and guitar. She currently dances at the intermediate level in country competitions as well as West Coast Swing dance competitions. She won a world title in Novice line dance at UCWDC Worlds in 2019. She has a passion for learning new dance styles and social dancing with friends. 

Teaches : Ballroom, Country, Swing, Latin

Private Lesson Tier : Classic



UCWDC 2019 Novice Line Dance World Championships

3rd 2019 Novice Pro Am

3rd 2018 Newcomer Pro Am

Advanced Swing Points