Group Classes

Studio is closed Tuesday, January 16th due to icy roads
We offer a wide variety of group classes with instruction from teachers of the highest caliber. Each “Session” includes 4 weeks of progressive group classes.
Below is our WEEKLY Schedule At A Glance.
Please note that the first day of our session begins on SUNDAY. 
Level 1= Beginners
Level 2 = Intermediate
Level 3 =  Advanced

Classes begin Tuesday, January 2nd through Saturday, January 27th
Printable Schedule


1:00pm       Two Step 1   w/Monica
Cha Cha 3  w/Kristy

1:45pm       Triple 2 Step 1  w/ Monica
WC Swing 2  w/Kristy

2:30pm       Two Step 2  w/Monica
Two Step 3  w/Kristy


6:15pm       Salsa 1   w/Morgan
Salsa 2  w/Jendayi

7:00pm       Bachata 1  w/ Morgan
Bachata 2  w/Jendayi

7:30pm       * WC Swing 2/3
 w/Gary McIntyre
* separate purchase applies

7:45pm       Bachata 3 w/Jendayi


6:15pm       Swing 1   w/Monica
Swing 2  w/Rowdy

7:00pm       Two Step 1  w/ Monica
Triple 2 Step 2 w/Rowdy

7:45pm       Two Step 2  w/Monica
Two Step 3 w/Rowdy


6:15pm       WC Swing 1   w/Rowdy
Cha Cha 2  w/Amanda

7:00pm       Rumba 1  w/Amanda
WC Swing 2  w/Rowdy

7:45pm       Waltz 1  w/Amanda
WC Swing 3  w/Chris


6:15pm       Tango 1   w/Amanda
* Int'l Tango w/Denis 

7:00pm       Cha Cha 1  w/Amanda
* Int'l Cha Cha 2 w/Denis  

            * separate purchase applies

Friday Night
 Walk-In & Dance

6:15pm       5th   WC Swing 1
12th Bachata 1
19th Two Step 1
26th EC Swing 1

7:00pm       5th  Two Step 1 &2
12th Salsa 1 &2
19th Country Waltz 1 & 2
26th WC Swing 1

7:45pm       SOCIAL DANCES
5th Country & Swing Dance
12th Salsa/Bachata Dance
19th Country & Swing Dance
26th Swing Easy Rental


12:45pm      Salsa 1  w/Kristy

1:30pm       Salsa 2  w/Kristy

2:15pm       Salsa 3  w/Kristy

Saturday Night
 Walk-In & Dance

7:15pm      6th     WC Swing 1 & 2
                   20th    Waltz 1 & 2

8-11pm       SOCIAL DANCES
6th   WC Swing Dance
13th  Closed Private Rental
20th  Variety Dance
27th  Blue Moon Rental

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