Dear Dance Doctor,

I love to go dancing, but I get tired of having to pay $10 just to dance.”  Signed, Getting Nickled and Dimed

Dear Nickled,

The Dance Doctor’s motto is:  Never Miss a Chance to Dance!

It seems that these days everyone wants everything to come with a coupon or a discount … or be free.   The Doctor would like to gently and humbly suggest that we remember that the dance halls and the dance studios are providing us with awesome wooden floors, and air conditioning, and music, and a building, and a parking lot … and all of those things come with budgets.

Rather than building resentment, strive for an attitude of gratitude and let’s smile when we realize just how much fun and camaraderie, as well as mental and physical health, that $10 just bought us!  More importantly, take advantage of every chance possible to dance and remember how lucky we are to have so many opportunities to dance just about every day of the week.

Never Miss A Chance To Dance

Never Miss A Chance To Dance

The Dance Doctor gladly forgoes a cup of expensive coffee to give *less* than the cost of that cup of coffee to support our fabulous studio, and the vibrant social dance scene.  It’s easy, even for the Doctor, to become complacent because we have so many choices.  But remember that when we don’t support these venues, we risk losing something very valuable.

And it’s not just your favorite studio or dance hall.  Support local competitions and events, too.  The Great Waltz was just recently hosted by the University of Texas ballroom dance community.  It was a wonderful chance to dress to the nines and dance to a live orchestra.  Dancing to live music is its own kind of heaven, so go any time you can!  There are also several country, swing, and ballroom competitions held right here every year, and the event directors would truly love to see you there, dancing and having a great time.

And we want to see YOU in class, or at a social dance… tonight!!!

If you have any questions or comments for the Dance Doctor, please send them to

Happy dancing!