Following is an ArtFollowers, now it’s your turn!

No one would argue that there are elements of science and art in both of our jobs, but at its essence, following is an art. You are responding to direction, unless you’re hijacking, in which case you’re not following, you’re leading!

Clear as mud???

The Dance Doctor wants to give just as big of kudos to followers, as we did to leaders.  Both parties have equally important jobs.  And being a good follow is just as difficult as being a good leader.

So followers:  You. Are. Awesome!   You are the other half of the equation that makes it all balance.  You are the yang to the yin that makes the circle complete.

Sure, followers have their own set of responsibilities.  It’s a follower’s job to hold their own frame, be responsible for their own weight, execute spins and turns, power their half of a pivot… and a thousand other things.  Just because a follow’s “job” is different from a leader’s does not make it any less important.  And yes, followers have a responsibility to learn the pattern, too!

But each follower is an artist in your own right.  You have your own skills and your own quirks and your own style, which is what makes this crazy thing called dancing so exciting!

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Happy dancing!