What does Austin say about us?

Students Love Austin Uptown Dance!

Hey Kristy,

You have the best dance instructors ever and of course, you are the best of the best. I have really enjoyed taking Monica’s classes and am now taking Amanda’s and plan to take others as well. But you do a great job training your instructors; I am often so impressed at how well they explain things and how personable and friendly they are.

They do a super job and it’s not surprising since they are learning from the best, and sometimes I can hear you thru them. I have really enjoyed taking some Level I classes again because I still pick up things I never knew or forgot or haven’t practiced… it has been really good for me. When it comes to professionalism, personality, friendliness and enjoyment, Uptown Dance is the best I have ever experienced. Y’all are like the Gold standard to me.

Garland Bullock

We took private wedding dance lessons with Carson Watson and had a blast. He put together a choreography based on our first dance choice and every lesson was a lot of fun.

Would definitely recommend Austin Uptown Dance and Carson to everyone who is looking for something a bit more unique for their first dance.

Florian Hemme

I have an incredibly stressful situation at work. So I really appreciate my dance instructors for being part of a very effective outlet that helps a lot with stress management and reduction! Dance teachers are awesome!!! Bart HudsonGary McIntyreCarson WatsonKristy Watson, Crystal Melody, Joe and Tabitha Robinson…Yesterday was particularly difficult, but thanks to Albert and Carson, I was able to go to Uptown Dance and completely de-stress. Thank you!!! Melanie Faye Webb

First and foremost, I’ve danced all over this city and I haven’t found one single studio that has the simple and perfect combination of quality and excellence in instruction along with a supportive, friendly atmosphere.

Truly, Uptown will always be my preference and as it happens, it is starting to feel like a home away from home 🙂

Carolyn Atkins

I couldn’t believe how good the two of them looked dancing Salsa at the Friday night party. They were my fellow Uptown dance students and they had just started dancing a few months ago. Their Salsa moves had rhythm and style.

It’s amazing how quickly we progress at Uptown Dance. There is nothing good on TV anymore, so every night my wife and I learn a new dance sequence, meet new people, socialize with our dance buddies and get the heart rate up at Uptown.

I thought I was rhythmically challenged, but no! Let me loose.

We tried the introductory plan and we’re hooked.

Ron & Linda

Thank you for another outstanding lesson. You have wonderful communication skills, both verbal and physical.
…I am continaully impressed by your knowldege of body mechanics. I have never been around a female who has such a finely tuned ability to realize…why the body needs to be positioned in a specific place.

Richard and Sue

As an avid dancer of many years, who two years ago sought to improve my dance with studio instruction, I say without qualification: Uptown Dance is the Best studio in Austin.

Uptown’s owners are also instructors and they provide a knowledge of dance excellence second to none, and I believe, even more importantly, instruction supported by a daily hands on warm family atmosphere of acceptance, nurturing, and always – light hearted fun.

Austin Uptown Dance Studio is our town’s premier studio.

Edward B.

I went to my first Salsa festival in Houston, TX on January 12, 2012. It was fun, but with only 6 months of dancing experience it was a little intimidating. I had maybe 4 dances all weekend. I had to start somewhere. The workshops were challenging but meeting new people was interesting.

Now fast-forward 3 months later to another Houston Salsa festival. Well, with more outstanding training from the Uptown teachers (especially Robbie -The Salsa Queen and Travis – The West Coast Mountain Man) I was able to dance all weekend long. It was a blast, my confidence grows with every week with all the classes I attend.

My favorite dance was with an Amazon woman. She was 6’4″ and wearing heels. I had to get on my toes in order to spin her, lol.

I want to personally thank Kristy and all her great teachers for all the hard work and understanding they provide to their students.

You can shop around if you like, but I’m pretty sure you will not find a better deal, or a better class of people.

Eric (aka Batman)

Our entire family loves Austin Uptown Dance. My wife and I love that we have found a place where we can bring our teenage daughters and feel comfortable. Our kids love going to classes and learning both ballroom and country western dances like two step. The staff at Uptown really makes you feel at home and part of their family. They focus on the dancing at Uptown and are not always trying to sell you something as other studios often do.

In my opinion, the instructors at Uptown are some of the most skilled and professional I have seen in Austin. They know their dances and really know how to impart that knowledge to the students. Kristy, the owner, not only trains world champion dancers but also loves working with beginners. She was the one who got my daughters started in dancing. We love the selection of group classes at Uptown. Every night has a theme so you can attend multiple classes for dances you like on a single night. Every Friday night …

John L.

[We recently] got married…and wanted to learn how to dance. We did the 1 month all you can take classes and enjoyed the heck out of them. We did salsa, west coast swing, and I took zumba on the weekends. The instructors were patient and good with beginners, and by the end of the month in both classes, we felt like we could actually get up and socially dance together. Not like Fred and Ginger, but enough that we can get up with some confidence and boogie down…


Our first dance at the wedding? Well, we were too frazzled to do the fun steps we planned but we were able to look pretty calm and collected doing the basic east coast swing we learned. Can’t wait to get some time…and be able to do another full month!

Leah R.

If you’re reading this, you have probably decided to go to a dance studio for some lessons. Maybe you took free lessons in dance halls or just imitated other dancers like I did for a while, but you have now decided that you want to become noticeably improved. Perhaps you want to lead better or follow better, or know the correct footwork without stepping on your partner’s feet. Maybe you want to know some cool moves or styling that doesn’t look like what everyone else is doing. On further thought, you think it just might be fun! Well, Austin Uptown Dance is the place for you!

I have been attending Uptown since mid 2008. Some of my dance friends and I started trying out some of the studios in Austin. I started by buying a class card to attend some classes…After taking several classes, I moved up to the unlimited monthly group class program. Trying a lot of the different class offered, from Salsa and Latin to Country and Ballroom, has helped me take my dancing to a higher level and improve my overall ability. Last year I started competing on the County Western Pro/Am circuit as a Newcomer. Group classes are just plain fun with great explanation, technique and useful social patterns.

If you decide to try the classes at Uptown, be sure to say hi or ask me to dance.

Russ H.